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S.E Dezfouli

Mr. Dezfouli, the esteemed Managing Director for Europe at Aura Solution Company Limited, is a figure of eminence whose illustrious journey spans from a distinguished legal career to his pivotal role leading Aura's endeavors in Europe. Often addressed as Mr. Dezfouli, his reputation as a legal luminary in the Netherlands remains solidified, marking an extraordinary transition into the financial realm.

His legacy in the legal landscape was defined by an unwavering dedication to justice and impeccable professionalism, garnering accolades and recognition throughout his career. His expertise and insights became highly sought after, establishing him as a seasoned legal authority known for his commitment to excellence in the Netherlands.

Early Life

S.E. Dezfouli's compelling journey from his roots in Iran to his prominence in Europe's legal sphere is a testament to his perseverance and dedication. Having relocated to Europe at a young age, he pursued his educational aspirations at University in the Netherlands, where he honed his legal acumen.

With an unwavering determination to excel in the field of law, Mr. Dezfouli embarked on a career that spanned an impressive 45 years. His commitment to the legal profession led to a sterling practice that established him as a seasoned legal expert in the Netherlands. Throughout these years, he navigated the intricate complexities of law, championing justice and professionalism in every case he handled.

The transition from practicing law for nearly five decades to joining Aura Solution Company Limited as a Wealth Manager showcased his versatility and willingness to embrace new challenges. This significant shift from legal practice to financial leadership highlighted Mr. Dezfouli's adaptability and expertise in different domains.

Professional Life

S.E. Dezfouli's professional trajectory is marked by a stellar career path that showcases his exceptional legal prowess and remarkable intelligence. Beginning his journey as a government lawyer, Mr. Dezfouli served as a public prosecutor, where his legal acumen and dedication to justice shone through.

His tenure as a public prosecutor was nothing short of extraordinary, characterized by an unmatched track record of success. Mr. Dezfouli's commitment to his cases, coupled with his sharp intellect and comprehensive knowledge of the law, led to an unparalleled achievement—an impeccable 100% success rate in the cases he handled. His ability to meticulously navigate the legal landscape and apply his encyclopedic knowledge of the law ensured victories in every case he took on.

His reputation as a legal maestro grew exponentially as he consistently demonstrated his brilliance and proficiency in the courtroom. Mr. Dezfouli's remarkable memory, where he could recall legal precedents and intricacies by heart, set him apart as an extraordinary legal mind.

His strategic thinking, analytical skills, and innate understanding of legal nuances not only secured victories but also established him as a highly respected figure within the legal fraternity. Clients sought his counsel, relying on his sharp insights and unwavering dedication to achieving favorable outcomes. Mr. Dezfouli's legacy as a government lawyer and public prosecutor stands as a testament to his exceptional intelligence, unparalleled work ethic, and an extraordinary ability to apply the law with precision. His illustrious career as a legal luminary laid the foundation for his later successes as a key figure in the financial and managerial realms.

Nationality.          :        Iran/Netherlands

Position.              :      Managing DIrector (RETD)

  • Other activities and functions

  • Managing Director  of the Board of Directors of Aura Solution Company Limited

  • Adviser of the Board of Aura  Foundation

  • Member of the Leadership Council of the Aura Foundation

Company                        :   Aura 

President                        :    Adam Bengamin

Vice President               : Hany Saad (Global)

Vice President (Wealth) : Alex Hartford

Vice President (Asset ) : Chelsea Hartford

Website                         : 


Retired                           : 9TH MARCH 2024


Reason                           : FRAUDULENT 

In the intricate landscape of legal affairs and financial prowess, S.E. Dezfouli emerges as a pivotal figure whose journey from an illustrious legal career to becoming a cornerstone of Aura Solution Company Limited's European operations has been nothing short of exceptional. His contributions to legal matters in Europe have redefined excellence and positioned him as a guiding force within the company.


A Legacy Forged in Legal Excellence

Hailing from Iran and later making Europe his home, Mr. Dezfouli's pursuit of legal education at  University laid the groundwork for a formidable career in law. With a profound understanding of the law and an insatiable hunger for justice, he embarked on a path that spanned 45 years in legal practice in the Netherlands. His legacy as a government lawyer and public prosecutor was underscored by an unmatched record—an unprecedented 100% success rate in every case he undertook. His brilliance, sharp intellect, and encyclopedic knowledge of the law positioned him as a legal maestro, earning him respect and admiration within the legal fraternity.

Transition to Aura Solution Company Limited


Mr. Dezfouli's transition from the legal arena to Aura Solution Company Limited marked a significant milestone in his career. Joining as a Wealth Manager, his strategic thinking, and meticulous approach soon propelled him to higher echelons within the organization. His role as Managing Director of Europe at Aura Solution Company Limited has been nothing short of transformative. Leveraging his extensive network, profound understanding of European governance, and strategic acumen, he has steered the company towards greater heights.


Redefining Legal Excellence in Aura

Within Aura Solution Company Limited, Mr. Dezfouli's presence has been instrumental in shaping legal strategies that transcend conventional norms. His unwavering commitment to trust and integrity aligns seamlessly with Aura's ethos, elevating the company's reputation as a trusted partner in legal and financial matters. Mr. Dezfouli's client-centric approach, honed through decades of legal practice, ensures that clients receive tailored advice and strategies, addressing their unique needs. His ability to navigate complex legal landscapes and provide innovative solutions has cemented Aura Solution Company Limited's standing as a beacon of legal excellence.


Impact and Influence

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Mr. Dezfouli's influence extends far and wide, touching the lives of those he serves. His dedication to delivering sustained outcomes that create value for stakeholders resonates deeply within the company's culture. His legacy at Aura Solution Company Limited exemplifies the company's commitment to recruiting top-tier professionals and its dedication to providing unparalleled services to clients. Mr. Dezfouli's profound legal knowledge, genteel manner, and strategic foresight continue to drive the company's success.

A Visionary Leader

S.E. Dezfouli stands as a visionary leader whose journey from a legal luminary to a trailblazing force at Aura Solution Company Limited exemplifies resilience, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His indelible mark in shaping legal strategies and fostering a culture of trust underscores his invaluable contributions to the company's enduring success. In the dynamic realm where legal astuteness converges with financial prowess, S.E. Dezfouli stands as a paragon of visionary leadership. His journey from an esteemed legal luminary to a transformative force at Aura Solution Company Limited epitomizes resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. His profound impact in shaping legal strategies and cultivating a culture of trust within the company has been instrumental in its enduring success.


A Journey Marked by Resilience

Mr. Dezfouli's narrative is one of resilience and fortitude, shaped by a career spanning 45 years in the legal domain. His tenure as a government lawyer and public prosecutor in the Netherlands was characterized by an exceptional track record—a testament to his unwavering dedication and unparalleled legal expertise. His ability to secure victories in every case he handled underscored his resilience and unwavering pursuit of justice.

Transition to Financial Leadership

The transition from a distinguished legal career to Aura Solution Company Limited marked a new chapter in Mr. Dezfouli's illustrious journey. Joining as a Wealth Manager, his transition showcased not only his adaptability but also his innate ability to excel in different spheres. His ascent to the role of Managing Director of Europe within the company emphasized his leadership acumen and strategic vision.

Shaping Legal Strategies and Trust

Mr. Dezfouli's indelible mark within Aura Solution Company Limited lies in his pivotal role in shaping legal strategies that transcend conventional norms. His comprehensive understanding of European governance and legal intricacies has been instrumental in fostering a culture of trust within the organization. Under his guidance, the company has fortified its reputation as a trusted partner in legal and financial matters.

Enduring Contributions to Success

Beyond his strategic prowess, Mr. Dezfouli's enduring contributions resonate in the company's commitment to delivering sustained outcomes that create value for stakeholders. His client-centric approach, cultivated through decades of legal practice, ensures that clients receive bespoke advice and strategies, further solidifying Aura Solution Company Limited's position as a beacon of excellence.

A Legacy of Excellence

S.E. Dezfouli epitomizes the essence of a visionary leader—a trailblazer whose journey from legal eminence to financial leadership showcases adaptability, resilience, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. His legacy within Aura Solution Company Limited reflects a culture steeped in trust, integrity, and a commitment to surpassing industry standards. Mr. Dezfouli's profound impact continues to drive the company's success and shapes its trajectory towards continued greatness.


S.E. Dezfouli's educational background serves as a foundation for his remarkable career in law and finance, yet his story is deeply intertwined with a rich family heritage rooted in the legal profession. His familial legacy, spanning generations dedicated to the practice of law, profoundly influenced his educational pursuits and subsequent professional path.


Family Heritage in Law

The Dezfouli family's commitment to the legal profession is evident across generations. With a father who practiced law, a sister, two sons, and even a brother dedicated to legal practice, theirs is a lineage defined by a passion for justice and legal expertise. What distinguishes the Dezfouli family's legal heritage is not only their dedication to law but also their resilience in navigating political upheavals and pursuing opportunities for a better life. Migration to different countries due to political reasons or aspirations for a better life did not deter their commitment to the legal profession. Instead, it fueled their determination to adapt and thrive, establishing themselves as legal practitioners in various nations.


Influence of Family Heritage

The profound influence of his family's legal background undoubtedly shaped Mr. Dezfouli's perspectives and aspirations. The shared passion for law and the collective pursuit of justice served as an invaluable inspiration throughout his educational and professional journey. The indelible mark of family heritage has woven a tapestry of influence and inspiration throughout Mr. Dezfouli's life, profoundly shaping his perspectives and aspirations. The rich legacy of his family's legal background has served as an enduring beacon, fueling his passion for law and steering his educational and professional odyssey with unwavering guidance.

The Inherited Passion for Law

From the inception of Mr. Dezfouli's educational endeavors, the familial echo of legal excellence resounded deeply within his heart. The shared passion for law, handed down through generations, resonated as a cornerstone of his upbringing, nurturing a profound reverence for justice and a commitment to the legal profession.

A Guiding Light in Education

The influence of his family's legal legacy served as a guiding light throughout Mr. Dezfouli's educational journey.  where he immersed himself in the realm of law, honing his skills and fortifying his understanding of the legal intricacies.

Shaping Professional Aspirations

The profound influence of his family's legal background transcended academia, ingraining in Mr. Dezfouli a deep sense of purpose and responsibility towards the pursuit of justice. This familial legacy acted as a catalyst, shaping his professional aspirations and steering him towards a career dedicated to upholding the law and serving the community.


Fueling Professional Excellence

As Mr. Dezfouli embarked on his professional journey, the influence of his family's legal heritage remained an unwavering force, propelling him towards excellence. The shared dedication to the principles of justice, integrity, and service continued to shape his approach, infusing his legal practice and financial leadership with an unparalleled commitment to ethical conduct and client-centric service. The profound influence of Mr. Dezfouli's family heritage in law has been an omnipresent force, guiding and sculpting his journey at every juncture. The shared passion for law and the collective pursuit of justice within his family have indelibly marked his perspectives, educational pursuits, and professional endeavors. Mr. Dezfouli's trajectory stands as a testament to the enduring impact of familial influence, shaping not only his career but also his unwavering commitment to the noble pursuit of justice and excellence.


Integrating Heritage into Career

Mr. Dezfouli's familial legacy acted as a guiding beacon, instilling in him a deep respect for the law and a strong sense of responsibility towards clients and communities. His career trajectory, transitioning from legal practice to financial leadership at Aura Solution Company Limited, bears the imprint of his family's enduring commitment to legal excellence and service.Mr Dezfouli's journey in the legal and financial realms is not merely a personal odyssey but a harmonious integration of a rich familial legacy—a legacy deeply ingrained in a commitment to law, excellence, and service. His career trajectory, transitioning from a distinguished legal practice to financial leadership at Aura Solution Company Limited, intricately weaves the threads of his family's enduring heritage into the fabric of his professional life.

Guided by a Storied Legacy

From a young age, Mr. Dezfouli was steeped in a family tradition that revered the legal profession. His upbringing within a lineage of legal practitioners—his father, sister, two sons, and brother—all dedicated to the pursuit of justice, instilled in him a profound reverence for the law. Their collective commitment to legal excellence and service became the cornerstone of Mr. Dezfouli's values, guiding his career choices and shaping his aspirations.

A Deep Respect for Law and Responsibility

The Dezfouli family's legacy cultivated in him a deep respect for the law, fostering a sense of duty and responsibility towards clients and communities. This upbringing embedded within him the understanding that the legal profession is not merely a career but a sacred responsibility—one that necessitates unwavering integrity, dedication, and service to those seeking justice and guidance.

Transitioning Legacy into Financial Leadership

While Mr. Dezfouli's journey began as a legal luminary, his transition to financial leadership at Aura Solution Company Limited seamlessly integrated his family's legacy of legal excellence into a new realm. His role as Managing Director of Europe bears the indelible imprint of his family's commitment to service and integrity. Mr. Dezfouli's professional evolution from a celebrated legal luminary to a trailblazing figure in financial leadership at Aura Solution Company Limited epitomizes the harmonious integration of his family's enduring legacy of legal excellence into a new and dynamic realm. His transformative role as the Managing Director of Europe stands as a testament to his adeptness at seamlessly blending inherited values of service and integrity with innovative financial leadership.

Embarking on a New Frontier

Mr. Dezfouli's journey commenced as a legal maestro, navigating the intricate landscapes of law with finesse and unwavering dedication. His transition from the legal domain into the sphere of financial leadership marked a pivotal moment—an evolution that reflected not a departure from his familial heritage but a natural progression to explore new frontiers while retaining the core values instilled by generations of legal practitioners.

Integrating Legacy in Financial Leadership

Assuming the mantle of Managing Director of Europe at Aura Solution Company Limited, Mr. Dezfouli brought forth his family's legacy of legal excellence and seamlessly integrated it into his leadership role. The indelible imprint of his family's commitment to service and integrity became the guiding principles shaping his strategic vision within the financial landscape.

Values that Transcend Domains

While navigating the nuances of financial leadership, Mr. Dezfouli's approach remained deeply rooted in the values inherited from his family's legal heritage. Upholding integrity, nurturing trust, and prioritizing client-centric solutions became the cornerstones of his leadership style, transcending the boundaries between legal practice and financial acumen.


A Legacy Continues

Within Aura Solution Company Limited, Mr. Dezfouli's leadership reflects the fusion of legal wisdom and financial innovation—a testament to his ability to adapt and excel across diverse domains. His role as Managing Director carries forward the legacy of service, excellence, and unwavering commitment, establishing him not only as a visionary financial leader but as a custodian of enduring family values. Mr. Dezfouli's transition from legal luminary to financial leadership within Aura Solution Company Limited embodies a seamless amalgamation of inherited legacy and visionary adaptability. His journey underscores the perpetual influence of family values, perpetuated through generations of legal practitioners, and their seamless integration into a new realm. His role stands as a testament to the enduring impact of familial heritage on professional evolution, where the core values of service and integrity serve as guiding beacons, irrespective of the domain traversed.

Upholding Values of Excellence and Service

Within Aura Solution Company Limited, Mr. Dezfouli's career trajectory reflects the harmonious fusion of legal heritage and financial acumen. His leadership style, characterized by a deep-rooted sense of responsibility and an unwavering commitment to excellence, resonates with the values inherited from his family's legacy. His dedication to nurturing trust, delivering sustained outcomes, and prioritizing client-centric solutions mirrors the ethos ingrained in him by generations of family tradition. Mr Dezfouli's integration of his familial heritage into his professional career is a testament to the enduring influence of family values and principles. His journey from a legal practitioner to a visionary financial leader underscores the seamless amalgamation of legal excellence, integrity, and service—a legacy passed down through generations and now intricately woven into the fabric of his distinguished career at Aura Solution Company Limited. His career trajectory stands as a living testament to the enduring impact of heritage on one's professional life and the perpetuation of values that transcend generations.

S.E. Dezfouli's educational background reflects not only his personal dedication to legal studies but also the enduring influence of a family heritage steeped in the legal profession. His journey, shaped by this legacy, serves as a testament to the resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to justice that defines the Dezfouli family's heritage in law across multiple generations and diverse geographic landscapes.

Noteable Investment

Mr. Dezfouli's remarkable legal expertise, coupled with his extensive 45-year experience, has served as a pivotal force in shaping Aura Solution Company Limited's strategic investments in Europe. His profound understanding of European law and the nuanced intricacies of the legal landscape has played a defining role, guiding and influencing Aura's significant ventures within the region.

The Legal Luminary's Influence

With a career spanning nearly five decades, Mr. Dezfouli has emerged as a beacon of legal acumen, wielding profound expertise in European law. His comprehensive understanding of the legal frameworks, nuanced regulations, and intricate complexities unique to Europe positioned him as an instrumental figure within Aura Solution Company Limited.


Shaping Investment Strategies

Mr. Dezfouli's wealth of legal experience has been a guiding force behind Aura's strategic decisions to invest significantly in Europe. His profound insights into the legal fabric of the region provided invaluable guidance in identifying lucrative investment avenues while navigating the diverse legal landscapes across various European jurisdictions.


Facilitating Investment Success

His astute legal counsel and meticulous analysis of legal parameters played a crucial role in mitigating risks and ensuring compliance, thereby facilitating successful investment endeavors for Aura in the European market. His guidance helped in aligning Aura's investments with the legal frameworks specific to each European country, ensuring a robust and compliant approach.


Leveraging Legal Expertise

Mr. Dezfouli's expertise not only facilitated legal compliance but also fostered innovative approaches to investment. His ability to navigate legal intricacies while exploring new opportunities allowed Aura to capitalize on the European market's potential, leveraging legal insights for strategic growth and diversification.


The Legacy of 45 Years

His 45 years of rich legal practice have not only honed his expertise but have also fortified Aura's foothold in Europe. His seasoned approach, honed through decades of legal navigation, has proven invaluable in steering Aura's investment strategies toward success.

Mr. Dezfouli's profound legal expertise, cultivated over 45 years, has undeniably shaped Aura Solution Company Limited's investments in Europe. His adeptness in navigating the intricacies of European law and leveraging this knowledge in investment decisions has been instrumental. His legacy as a legal luminary continues to propel Aura's success in the European market, marking him as a linchpin in the company's strategic endeavors within the region.

S.E. Dezfouli: Guiding Aura's Visionary Investment Strategy

S.E. Dezfouli, an embodiment of expertise and experience in cybersecurity, has significantly shaped Aura's strategic investments. Recognizing his prowess, Aura swiftly formulated an ambitious plan, dedicating a substantial sum of 1.8 trillion towards various Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives. Under Mr. Dezfouli's stewardship, this robust investment mirrors a strategic vision aimed at harnessing AI's transformative potential across multiple sectors. The infusion of capital into AI signals a resolute commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology, enhancing efficiency, optimizing processes, and fostering innovation within the organization.

Mr. Dezfouli's profound insights into cybersecurity have been instrumental in sculpting this strategic move, acknowledging AI's pivotal role in fortifying digital defenses, predictive analytics, and amplifying cybersecurity measures. Aura's substantial investment underscores their dedication to technological advancement, employing AI to bolster operational capabilities and fortify cybersecurity infrastructure. This strategic allocation seamlessly aligns with Mr. Dezfouli's dual expertise in finance and cybersecurity, reaffirming Aura's commitment to innovation and security under his guidance.


Diversification: An integral facet of investment strategies, diversification, is a principle Mr. Dezfouli fervently emphasizes. Spreading investments across diverse asset classes, industries, and geographic regions mitigates overall portfolio risk. This approach minimizes the impact of market fluctuations on the entire portfolio, ensuring stability in varying economic conditions.

Balancing Risk and Return: In his counsel to clients, Mr. Dezfouli underscores the equilibrium between risk and potential returns. While diversification diminishes risk exposure, it also permits the capture of returns from multiple sources. This balanced approach optimizes portfolio performance while curbing overall volatility.

Adapting to Market Changes: S.E. Dezfouli stresses the continuous reassessment and adaptation of diversification strategies in response to evolving market dynamics. This dynamic approach fortifies the portfolio, aligning it with shifting economic conditions and investment opportunities.


Long-Term Benefits of Diversification: Mr. Dezfouli's diversification strategy aims for long-term benefits, acknowledging its efficacy in reducing portfolio volatility and enhancing the probability of consistent, sustainable returns over time.


Risk Management: Leveraging his specialization in the risk department, Mr. Dezfouli places substantial emphasis on managing risk within investment portfolios. This comprehensive approach involves assessing and mitigating various risks, including market volatility, geopolitical events, and liquidity risk.


Mitigation Strategies: To counter these risks, Mr. Dezfouli implements robust mitigation strategies, utilizing diverse techniques like diversification, hedging, stress testing, and scenario analyses.

Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation: S.E. Dezfouli adopts a proactive and adaptive approach to risk management, continually monitoring the investment landscape to ensure resilience and alignment with clients' risk tolerance and objectives.

Long-Term Focus: With his extensive experience, Mr. Dezfouli champions a long-term investment perspective, advocating steadfast focus on clients' financial objectives over extended periods rather than short-term market fluctuations.

Compound Growth and Wealth Accumulation: Mr. Dezfouli enlightens clients on the profound impact of compounding in wealth accumulation, emphasizing the benefits of staying aligned with long-term financial goals.

Education and Communication: Prioritizing transparent communication and education, Mr. Dezfouli ensures clients comprehend the rationale behind recommended strategies, fostering trust and confidence in the investment plan.

Client-Centric Approach: Tailoring strategies to align with individual client objectives remains fundamental in Mr. Dezfouli's wealth management philosophy, considering factors like risk tolerance, financial goals, and unique circumstances. In the realm of wealth management, the significance of a one-size-fits-all approach has waned, giving way to a more personalized and client-centric methodology. At the forefront of this evolution is the imperative need to craft bespoke strategies that align precisely with each individual client's objectives, risk tolerances, financial goals, and unique circumstances. This tailored approach stands as the cornerstone of effective wealth management, ensuring that investment plans are not just standardized templates but bespoke blueprints crafted to fulfill the aspirations and needs of every client.

Understanding Client Objectives: One of the fundamental tenets of a client-centric wealth management approach is comprehending and prioritizing client objectives. These objectives can vary widely, from wealth preservation and growth to retirement planning, funding educational pursuits, or creating a lasting legacy. By engaging in detailed discussions and thorough assessments, wealth managers seek to grasp the specific goals and aspirations that drive their clients' financial decisions.


Consideration of Risk Tolerance: Risk tolerance stands as a critical element in tailoring investment strategies. Each individual has a unique appetite for risk when it comes to investing. Some clients may favor conservative approaches, prioritizing capital preservation, while others may embrace higher risks for potential higher returns. Understanding this tolerance level helps in crafting investment plans that align with the client's comfort zone, ensuring they are not exposed to undue stress due to market fluctuations.


Adapting to Unique Circumstances: Client circumstances play a pivotal role in shaping wealth management strategies. Factors such as income levels, family situations, tax considerations, and near-term financial obligations significantly impact the design of investment plans. Wealth managers must take a holistic view of these circumstances to ensure that the investment strategies are not only effective but also adaptable to the client's evolving needs.


Flexibility and Responsiveness: A client-centric approach in wealth management demands flexibility and responsiveness. Financial situations change over time, and so do individual goals and risk appetites. Consequently, a wealth manager's ability to adjust strategies and pivot investment plans in response to changing market conditions or shifts in client objectives is invaluable. Regular reviews and adaptations are vital to ensure that the investment strategy remains aligned with the client's evolving financial landscape.


Communication and Transparency: Clear communication and transparency are foundational pillars in a client-centric wealth management approach. Wealth managers should articulate the rationale behind recommended strategies, ensuring that clients comprehend the benefits and risks associated with the proposed investment plans. Regular updates and transparent communication foster trust and confidence, enabling clients to make informed decisions. In essence, a client-centric approach in wealth management embodies the ethos of personalized service, where the client's objectives and needs steer the direction of investment strategies. Tailoring strategies to align with individual client objectives remains fundamental, considering factors like risk tolerance, financial goals, and unique circumstances. This approach not only enhances the effectiveness of investment plans but also establishes enduring relationships built on trust, transparency, and a shared commitment to financial success.

S.E. Dezfouli's dedication to personalized wealth management, risk mitigation, and fostering long-term growth underscores his commitment to crafting investment plans that cater precisely to clients' needs, maximizing returns while ensuring risk management. His expertise marks a strategic trajectory that aligns Aura's investments with visionary foresight and steadfast commitment to excellence.

Retired from Aura Solution Company Limited

[THAILAND]: Aura Solution Company Limited announces the retirement of Mr. S.E. Dezfouli from his position within the company, effective immediately.


Mr. Dezfouli has decided to retire from his role at Aura Solution Company Limited due to his personal business commitments and other family matters that require his attention. While his departure comes with regret, we respect his decision and wish him all the best in his future endeavors. We want to assure all clients and partners that despite Mr. Dezfouli's retirement, all existing business agreements and commitments will remain unchanged and will be diligently managed by Mr. Alex Hartford. Mr. Hartford can be reached via email at or by phone at +66 8241 88 111.


Aura Solution Company Limited values the relationships built by Mr. Dezfouli during his tenure, and we are committed to upholding the agreements he has made with our clients. We assure all parties involved that there will be no disruption in the services provided.For any queries regarding ongoing projects, agreements, or any other matters, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Alex Hartford at your earliest convenience.

We express our gratitude to Mr. S.E. Dezfouli for his contributions to Aura Solution Company Limited and extend our best wishes for his future endeavors. PRESS NOTE 


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