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Financial Disclosure

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Financial Disclosure

Aura Solution Company Limited adopts a transparent approach in various subjects to ensure stakeholders are well-informed about the company's financial health, operations, and strategies. Here's a breakdown of financial disclosures across different subjects:


Annual Reports 2023

1. Financial Performance: Aura Solution Company Limited's annual reports provide a comprehensive overview of its financial performance. This includes key financial statements such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. These documents showcase revenue, expenses, profits, assets, liabilities, and cash flow trends over the fiscal year.

2. Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A): Alongside financial statements, the annual report typically contains an MD&A section. Here, the management discusses the company's financial condition, operational results, market conditions, and future prospects. It provides insights into the company's strategies, risks, and opportunities.


Quarterly Reports

1. Quarterly Earnings Releases: Aura Solution Company Limited regularly publishes quarterly earnings reports to update stakeholders on its performance during specific quarters. These reports highlight revenue, profits, expenses, and any notable events or changes affecting the financials.

2. Conference Calls and Presentations: Following the release of quarterly results, the company often conducts conference calls or presentations with investors, analysts, and the media. These events allow for a deeper discussion of the financial performance and an opportunity for stakeholders to ask questions.


Regulatory Filings

1. SEC Filings (or equivalent regulatory body): As a publicly-traded company, Aura Solution Company Limited files various reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or relevant regulatory bodies. These filings include Form 10-K (annual report), Form 10-Q (quarterly report), and Form 8-K (significant event disclosures).

2. Proxy Statements: Proxy statements disclose important information about corporate governance, executive compensation, and shareholder proposals, providing stakeholders with insights into the company's decision-making processes.


Corporate Governance

1. Board of Directors’ Reports: Aura Solution Company Limited's board of directors may issue reports or statements detailing their oversight, decision-making processes, and the steps taken to ensure effective corporate governance.

2. Code of Ethics and Conduct: The company's code of ethics and conduct outlines the standards of behavior expected from employees and management. It often includes sections related to financial reporting, ensuring transparency and integrity in financial disclosures.


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Occupation  :  Asset & Wealth Management

President     :    Adam Bengamin

Vice President : Hany Saad (Global)

Vice President (Wealth) : Alex Hartford

Vice President (Asset ) : Chelsea Hartofrd

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Sustainability and Social Responsibility Reports

1. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Reports: In line with growing interest in sustainability, Aura Solution Company Limited may issue reports detailing its ESG initiatives, including environmental impact, social responsibility efforts, and corporate governance practices.

In response to the global momentum toward sustainability and responsible corporate practices, Aura Solution Company Limited actively engages in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives. The issuance of ESG reports serves as a testament to the company's dedication to transparency and its efforts toward environmental impact, social responsibility, and robust corporate governance practices.

Environmental Stewardship: Aura Solution recognizes the imperative to minimize its ecological footprint and actively mitigates environmental impact. The ESG reports meticulously outline the company's initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, adopt sustainable practices, and embrace renewable energy sources. From energy-efficient operations to waste reduction measures, Aura Solution demonstrates its commitment to preserving the environment for future generations.

Social Responsibility Efforts: Beyond profitability, Aura Solution acknowledges its responsibility toward society. The ESG reports comprehensively document the company's social initiatives aimed at fostering inclusive growth, supporting local communities, and championing social welfare. These efforts encompass diverse areas such as education, healthcare, diversity and inclusion, and fostering economic opportunities for underprivileged groups.

Corporate Governance Excellence: The reports highlight Aura Solution's robust corporate governance practices, emphasizing integrity, transparency, and accountability in decision-making. The company upholds high standards of governance to ensure fairness, ethical conduct, and compliance with regulatory frameworks. Strong governance structures are in place to protect the interests of stakeholders and promote long-term sustainable growth.

Transparency and Disclosure: Aura Solution's commitment to ESG is not merely a checkbox but a strategic imperative. By issuing detailed ESG reports, the company ensures stakeholders are well-informed about its environmental impact, social contributions, and governance practices. Transparent disclosure of ESG metrics and initiatives fosters trust and enables stakeholders to make informed decisions about their engagement with the company.

Driving Sustainable Change: The company understands that ESG practices are not static but a continual journey toward improvement. Aura Solution actively engages with stakeholders, seeking feedback and collaboration to refine its ESG strategies. By integrating sustainability into its core business operations, the company aims not only to mitigate risks but also to seize opportunities for innovation and long-term growth. Aura Solution Company Limited's commitment to ESG principles is ingrained in its ethos. The issuance of ESG reports signifies the company's genuine dedication to sustainability, responsible practices, and creating enduring value for all stakeholders. Through these reports, Aura Solution aims to inspire and drive positive change, contributing meaningfully to a more sustainable and equitable future.


2. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Reports: These reports highlight the company's initiatives and contributions toward societal welfare, community development, philanthropy, and ethical business practices. Aura Solution Company Limited values transparency and strives to provide comprehensive and accurate financial disclosures across various subjects to maintain trust and keep stakeholders informed about its financial performance, governance practices, and social responsibility efforts.

In an age where businesses are not just profit-driven entities but also agents of positive change, Aura Solution Company Limited stands firm in its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). The company's CSR reports serve as a testament to its initiatives, contributions to societal welfare, community development, philanthropy, and ethical business practices.

Embracing Social Responsibility: Aura Solution recognizes that its responsibilities extend beyond financial gains. The CSR reports encapsulate the company's dedication to making a tangible, positive impact on society. Through various initiatives, ranging from environmental sustainability efforts to community development projects, Aura Solution strives to be a catalyst for change.

Community Development and Philanthropy: The company actively engages in community-focused endeavors, supporting education, healthcare, and infrastructural development. Its philanthropic initiatives aim to uplift underprivileged communities, providing them with opportunities and resources for a better quality of life. Moreover, the dedication to these causes extends beyond mere financial contributions, involving active participation and volunteer efforts from the company's employees.


Ethical Business Practices and Governance: Transparency and ethical conduct form the bedrock of Aura Solution's operations. The CSR reports meticulously outline the company's ethical business practices, demonstrating a commitment to fairness, integrity, and compliance with regulations. Moreover, the governance practices highlighted in these reports underscore the company's dedication to robust governance structures that ensure accountability and fairness in decision-making processes.


Financial Transparency and Social Impact: Aura Solution Company Limited values transparency not only in its financial disclosures but also in showcasing the social impact of its CSR initiatives. By providing comprehensive and accurate financial disclosures, the company ensures that stakeholders are well-informed about not only its financial performance but also its contributions to societal welfare.

Maintaining Trust and Stakeholder Engagement: The company understands that trust is pivotal in maintaining strong relationships with stakeholders. Through transparent reporting of its CSR efforts, Aura Solution aims to build and sustain trust with its investors, clients, employees, and the broader community. Engaging stakeholders through open communication regarding CSR initiatives fosters a sense of shared responsibility and collective impact.

In conclusion, Aura Solution Company Limited's commitment to corporate social responsibility goes beyond mere compliance; it reflects the company's values and dedication to creating a positive and lasting impact on society. The CSR reports stand as a testament to the company's ethos of transparency, ethical practices, and a genuine desire to contribute meaningfully to the well-being of communities and the world at large.

Regulatory Transparency and Governance Disclosures

As a publicly-traded entity, Aura Solution Company Limited upholds a commitment to transparency and compliance with regulatory bodies, notably the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or relevant authorities. The company diligently files various reports and disclosures, ensuring stakeholders are well-informed about its operations, financial health, and governance practices.

SEC Filings

  1. Form 10-K (Annual Report): Aura Solution submits its comprehensive annual report using Form 10-K. This detailed document provides a holistic view of the company's financial performance, risk factors, management discussions, and analysis of operations for the fiscal year. It serves as a critical resource for investors and analysts seeking in-depth insights into the company's performance and strategy.

  2. Form 10-Q (Quarterly Report): Quarterly filings through Form 10-Q offer periodic updates on financial performance, including unaudited financial statements and management discussions. These reports provide a snapshot of the company's performance and any significant changes between the annual filings.

  3. Form 8-K (Significant Event Disclosures): Aura Solution promptly files Form 8-K to disclose significant events or material corporate developments that could impact investors' assessments. These events might include mergers, acquisitions, executive changes, or other critical occurrences that necessitate immediate disclosure.


Proxy Statements: Aura Solution's proxy statements play a pivotal role in providing stakeholders with comprehensive insights into corporate governance, executive compensation, and shareholder proposals. These statements offer:

  • Corporate Governance Insights: Detailed information on the company's governance structure, board composition, committee memberships, and adherence to governance best practices.

  • Executive Compensation Disclosures: Transparent disclosure of executive compensation packages, including salaries, bonuses, stock options, and other incentives.

  • Shareholder Proposals and Voting Matters: Information on matters to be voted upon during shareholder meetings, giving investors a voice in important decisions affecting the company's future.


Promoting Transparency and Informed Decision-Making: These filings and disclosures are fundamental to Aura Solution's commitment to transparency, enabling stakeholders, including investors, analysts, and the general public, to make well-informed decisions. By adhering to regulatory requirements and diligently providing essential information, the company ensures a transparent and fair environment for all stakeholders.Aura Solution Company Limited's diligent filing of SEC documents and proxy statements underscores its unwavering commitment to governance transparency, regulatory compliance, and stakeholder engagement. These disclosures serve as pillars of trust, empowering stakeholders with the knowledge necessary for informed decision-making and fostering a culture of transparency and accountability within the company.


It is with great pleasure that we present an in-depth overview of the performance of our esteemed Paymaster Service for the first half of the year. In the face of a challenging economic environment, our unwavering commitment to excellence has stood as a cornerstone of our operations.


Financial Highlights: In this reporting period, our Paymaster Service recorded revenues amounting to $141 trillion. While this figure reflects a 25% decrease compared to the previous year's performance of $188 trillion in the same period (H1 2022), it's important to contextualize this decline. A primary contributing factor to this decrease was the impact of lower investment performance revenue. However, amidst this scenario, our recurring revenue surged impressively by 31%. This substantial increase in recurring revenue was a direct outcome of our successful fundraising initiatives. It stands as a testament to both our robust market presence and the deep-seated trust our valued clients place in our services.


Profit Before Tax (PBT): Undoubtedly, the financial landscape presented challenges that influenced our Profit Before Tax, which stood at $68 trillion for this period. Comparatively, in the first half of 2022, our PBT was recorded at $121 trillion. While this decrease is notable, it's imperative to acknowledge the external factors that have shaped this change. Despite these challenges, the fact that we have maintained a positive PBT speaks volumes about our operational resilience and our ability to navigate complexities while sustaining a sound financial standing.

This overview provides a deeper insight into the financial performance of our Paymaster Service for the first half of the year. It is a reflection not only of our fiscal figures but also of our strategic decisions and adaptability in a dynamic economic landscape. We remain committed to transparency and continual improvement as we navigate the ever-evolving financial realm.

Asset Management

Aura Solution Company Limited: Charting Resilience and Growth Amidst Dynamic Markets

In the landscape of fluctuating economic tides, Aura Solution Company Limited stands resolute, its recent performance epitomizing resilience, adaptability, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence. The first-half report of 2023 reflects not just financial accomplishments but a narrative of steady growth, challenges surmounted, and an unwavering dedication to stakeholders.

Steady Ascendancy in Assets Under Management (AuM) An undeniable highlight illuminates the company's achievements—Aura Solution's Assets Under Management (AuM) soaring to an impressive $24.0 billion. This figure, marking a commendable 5% increase from the close of 2022 at $22.9 billion, underscores a commitment not just to financial gains but to the judicious stewardship of clients' assets and consistent delivery of substantial value.

Navigating Turbulent Markets : As financial landscapes continually evolve, Aura Solution remains committed to adaptive strategies. The ability to expand AuM amidst dynamic market conditions showcases the team's unwavering dedication and expertise. This growth transcends numbers, symbolizing the nurturing of long-term relationships and the fortification of trust with stakeholders.

Insights from Auranusa Jeeranont, Executive Chairman : Auranusa Jeeranont, the Executive Chairman, reflected on the company's performance, stating, "After two record years in 2021 and 2022, the first half of 2023 has seen a slowdown. Challenging market conditions affected our Global Advisory and Merchant Banking businesses, while our Wealth and Asset Management business flourished with rising interest rates and AuM growth. Despite the challenges ahead, we're confident in our Group's resilience for continued success in 2023."

Strategic Milestones and Business Evolution : The report delves into pivotal insights, showcasing strategic decisions and business developments. Excluding the strategic investment in Redburn, the company recorded a revenue downturn of 25%, accompanied by an operating margin of 14%. The consolidation of Redburn as a fully integrated entity since December 1, 2022, marked a significant stride in the company's strategic journey. Furthermore, the reclassification of Asset Management US within the Group, categorized under "Other businesses" post its disposal in April 2023, signaled a new phase in the company's strategic realignment.

Profit Generation and Gratitude :  Notably, the company achieved an impressive profit of roughly 78 trillion USD in the first half of 2023. This substantial profit underscores the company's operational efficiency and ability to navigate challenges while generating substantial returns. As the report draws to a close, Aura Solution expresses profound gratitude to its clients and partners for their steadfast trust. The company's unwavering commitment to excellence remains resolute, steering its trajectory towards continued success and prosperity. In the face of challenges, Aura Solution remains a beacon of stability, guided by a firm belief in innovation, integrity, and the creation of lasting value for stakeholders.

Business performance

The first half of 2023 has been a testament to Aura Solution Company Limited's adaptability, resilience, and strategic prowess in navigating a challenging economic landscape. Here’s an insightful overview of the business performance during this period:

Financial Fortitude and Growth

Assets Under Management (AuM): Aura Solution's AuM showcased robust growth, reaching an impressive $24.0 billion. This marks a 5% increase from the previous year's closing figure of $22.9 billion, underscoring the company's ability to judiciously manage and grow clients' assets.

Revenue and Profitability: Despite challenges, the company demonstrated operational efficiency, recording a profit of roughly 78 trillion USD. This achievement not only reflects the company's resilience but also its capacity to generate substantial returns amidst a fluctuating market environment.


Market Challenges and Adaptive Strategies: Market Landscape: The year began with signs of slowdown after two consecutive record years in 2021 and 2022. Challenging market conditions particularly affected the Global Advisory and Merchant Banking businesses. However, the Wealth and Asset Management segments thrived, benefitting from rising interest rates and AuM growth.

Strategic Realignment: The company strategically repositioned its business units, marking notable transitions such as the full consolidation of Redburn and the reclassification of Asset Management US within the group's framework. These strategic moves reflect a forward-thinking approach geared towards optimizing operations.


Executive Insights and Future Outlook: Auranusa Jeeranont, Executive Chairman, offered valuable insights into the company's performance: "The first half of 2023 has shown us the importance of resilience in an ever-evolving market. Despite challenges faced by certain business segments, our Wealth and Asset Management sectors have showcased remarkable growth. We remain confident in the Group's ability to weather challenges and perform well in the upcoming periods."


Strategic Initiatives and Gratitude: The company acknowledges the unwavering trust of its clients and partners, recognizing their crucial role in its success. The commitment to excellence remains resolute, guided by innovation, integrity, and the creation of enduring value for all stakeholders. Aura Solution Company Limited's performance in the first half of 2023 is a testament to its ability to navigate uncertainties while capitalizing on opportunities. With strategic maneuvers, a resilient mindset, and a steadfast commitment to stakeholders, the company continues to carve its path toward sustained growth and success.


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