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Introducing Aura's Verified Badges : The Blue & Golden Ticks" : Aura Solution company Limited

Introducing Blue & Golden Ticks for Verified Members at Aura Solution Company Limited

At Aura Solution Company Limited, we are excited to introduce our Blue and Golden Tick verification badges for our esteemed members. Becoming a verified member is a mark of trust and distinction within our community.


"The Aura Blue Tick signifies our direct contact and verification with the represented individual or entity, confirming their approval and authenticity."

To qualify for the Blue Tick verification, there are a few essential steps:

Step 1: Complete your full KYC (Know Your Customer) process, including a video call with an Aura representative and an active financial broker.

Step 2: Submit your KYC details to via email.

Step 3: Upon successful verification of your KYC information (usually within 2 to 3 days, subject to profile stability and availability), you will receive a notification.

Step 4: Register yourself using the provided link ( ), ensuring to upload your picture. Your profile will automatically upgrade to the Blue Tick status once your KYC is validated.

As an official broker representing Aura, your verified profile will serve as a platform to showcase your business initiatives, promotions, job opportunities, and enable global sharing. With Aura boasting over 400M+ active members on the Aura forum, your verified status will garner attention on a global scale.

Note: We strictly prohibit any form of illegal or inappropriate content. Any such content will lead to immediate suspension and account termination.


"The Aura Golden Tick signifies that the individual holds a directorial position within Aura Solution Company Limited. They possess an official corporate email ID and maintain a profile featured on the Aura website."

The Golden Tick verification is reserved for Aura Directors. This exclusive verification process involves a detailed and extensive procedure. Please stay tuned for more information on this elite membership level.

Thank you for choosing Aura Solution Company Limited for your professional endeavors.

Discover Aura Forum: Empowering Financial Intermediaries

The Aura Forum stands as a dynamic platform, akin to a blogger's hub and social media conglomerate, exclusively designed for brokers and financial experts. It serves as an unparalleled space where individuals within the financial realm can collaborate, sharing their diverse business ideas, engaging in independent trades, and contributing articles that encapsulate their expertise.

Much like popular social media platforms, Aura Forum provides a stage to publish and exchange thoughts, ideas, and insights, but with a distinct focus solely on the financial intermediary landscape. It acts as a dedicated space, fostering connections, discussions, and interactions among professionals in the financial sector.

Join Aura Forum to unleash your financial acumen, connect with industry peers, and participate in a community specifically tailored for financial intermediaries.

Warm regards,

Aura Solution Company Limited



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