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Aniyah Nwako

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Aniyah Nwako

Aniyah Nwako, Global Head of Human Resources at Aura, possesses an impressive track record in steering human resource strategies across diverse industries and global landscapes, boasting over 18 years of expertise in talent development and strategic planning.

In her current capacity at Aura, Aniyah Nwako orchestrates the comprehensive management of human resources worldwide for the firm. Her extensive experience and proficiency span various industries and geographies, positioning her as a seasoned professional adept at navigating multifaceted organizational landscapes.

Before assuming her pivotal role at Aura, Ms. Nwako served as the Managing Director of Talent Management at an Aura-owned subsidiary, where she spearheaded Talent Management initiatives across the company's diverse portfolio. Her strategic focus and leadership were pivotal in fostering talent development within these subsidiary companies.

Early Life

Aniyah Nwako's early life was shaped by a blend of cultural diversity and a quest for knowledge. Born into a close-knit family, she grew up in an environment that nurtured curiosity and ambition. Aniyah's upbringing was deeply rooted in valuing education and embracing the richness of cultural experiences.

From a young age, she displayed an insatiable curiosity, constantly seeking to understand the world around her. Her family's encouragement and support fostered a strong foundation for learning and personal growth. Aniyah was exposed to various cultures, traditions, and perspectives, which cultivated in her a deep appreciation for diversity—an aspect that would significantly influence her future endeavors in the global arena of human resources.

During her formative years, Aniyah demonstrated a keen interest in human behavior and the dynamics of interpersonal relationships. Her inquisitive nature and natural aptitude for understanding people's motivations and interactions hinted at her future pursuit in the field of organizational psychology.

Professional Life

Aniyah Nwako's professional journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to excellence, strategic foresight, and unparalleled expertise in the realm of human resources. Her career trajectory spans over 18 years, marked by significant milestones and impactful contributions across diverse industries and global landscapes. Aniyah's foray into the corporate world commenced with pivotal roles at renowned multinational corporations, where she honed her skills in talent development, strategic planning, and human resource management.  Aniyah's professional odyssey took a significant leap when she assumed the role of Global Head of Human Resources at Aura, a position that encapsulates her visionary leadership and strategic acumen. In this capacity, she oversees and orchestrates the comprehensive human resource management strategy on a global scale, steering the organization towards a culture of growth, innovation, and inclusivity.

Before her current role at Aura, Aniyah held a crucial position as the Managing Director of Talent Management at an Aura-owned subsidiary. Her tenure in this role was instrumental in shaping talent management strategies across the company's diverse portfolio, showcasing her ability to lead and foster talent development initiatives within subsidiary companies. Aniyah Nwako's professional trajectory also includes holding senior leadership positions at esteemed corporations such as Pfizer, Avon, and PepsiCo. These roles served as platforms for her to showcase her expertise in aligning human resource strategies with organizational objectives, driving transformative change, and cultivating a conducive work environment that nurtures talent and fosters growth.


Nationality.       :        America

Position.            :      HUMAN RESOURCE

Education          :      (Hofstra University)

  • Other activities and functions

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aura Solution Company Limited

  • Chair of the Board of Aura  Foundation

  • Member of the Leadership Council of the Aura Foundation

Company   :   Aura Solution Company Limited 

President    :    Adam Bengamin

Vice President : Hany Saad (Global)

Vice President (Wealth) : Alex Hartford

Vice President (Asset ) : Chelsea Hartford

Email       :

Website    : 

Her academic accomplishments, including a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stony Brook University and a doctoral degree in Applied Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University, have augmented her professional endeavors. Aniyah's academic pursuits have equipped her with a deep understanding of organizational dynamics, human behavior, and the intricacies of driving organizational success through effective human resource management.

Throughout her professional tenure, Aniyah Nwako has emerged as a beacon of leadership, innovation, and inclusivity in the field of human resources. Her strategic vision, coupled with her diverse experience across industries and geographies, positions her as an influential figure shaping the future of HR practices and fostering a culture of excellence and empowerment within organizations.

As she navigated her educational journey, Aniyah remained driven and focused, excelling academically while actively engaging in extracurricular activities that honed her leadership skills. Her early experiences instilled in her the values of resilience, determination, and the importance of forging meaningful connections—a groundwork that would later shape her illustrious career in the corporate world. Aniyah Nwako's early life laid the groundwork for her future accomplishments, instilling in her a deep appreciation for learning, diversity, and the complexities of human interactions—an invaluable foundation that would guide her on her path to becoming a prominent figure in the realm of global human resources.


Aniyah Nwako's educational journey is a testament to her dedication to academic excellence and her relentless pursuit of knowledge in the field of organizational psychology and human resources. She commenced her educational pursuit by earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stony Brook University, where she laid the groundwork for her future endeavors. During her time at Stony Brook, Aniyah demonstrated a keen academic focus and a passion for understanding human behavior within organizational settings. Driven by her ambition to delve deeper into the complexities of organizational psychology, Aniyah pursued an advanced degree, culminating in a Doctorate in Applied Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University. This significant academic achievement equipped her with a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics between individuals and organizations, providing her with a solid theoretical framework to address complex challenges in the realm of human resources.

Aniyah Nwako's academic journey not only enhanced her theoretical knowledge but also provided her with practical insights and methodologies to navigate the multifaceted landscape of human resource management. Her educational background serves as a cornerstone for her illustrious career, enabling her to apply a blend of academic expertise and practical experience in shaping innovative HR strategies and fostering a conducive work environment within organizations.

Aniyah Nwako's academic journey was further distinguished by her exceptional achievements and recognition within the realm of scholarship programs. Notably, she earned a prestigious scholarship from Aura, underscoring her academic prowess and potential as a future leader in the field of human resources. This scholarship not only acknowledged her outstanding academic achievements but also served as a testament to her dedication and commitment to excelling in her chosen field.

Moreover, Aniyah's participation and recognition in the Black Women Program, a commendable initiative aimed at empowering and fostering the professional growth of black women in leadership roles, further solidified her status as a trailblazer and role model. Her involvement in this program not only showcased her leadership potential but also highlighted her commitment to advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion within corporate settings. These accolades and recognitions underscore Aniyah Nwako's commitment to academic excellence, her leadership potential, and her unwavering dedication to advancing diversity and inclusion within the corporate landscape. Her achievements within scholarship programs and her active participation in initiatives promoting diversity stand as testament to her multifaceted contributions to both academia and the corporate world.

Noteable Investment

The Critical Role of Developing and Rewarding Key Talent in Asset Management : In the complex landscape of asset management, the importance of investing in the knowledge, education, and development of key individuals steering companies with trillions of dollars in portfolios cannot be overstated. At the helm of such firms, the individuals leading these colossal entities play a pivotal role in shaping strategies, making critical decisions, and ensuring sustainable growth and success. Identifying and nurturing the right talent for these roles is a challenging yet crucial endeavor—one that has far-reaching implications for the company's performance and the financial ecosystem at large.

For over two decades, Aniyah Nwako has exemplified unparalleled leadership and expertise in her role as the guiding force behind Aura's success story. Her tenure of 20 years in the company, marked by a flawless track record and an unwavering commitment to excellence, underscores the significance of astutely selecting and empowering the right individuals to lead such organizations. The task of identifying the ideal candidate to helm an asset management giant is a weighty responsibility. It requires a meticulous evaluation of skills, experience, strategic foresight, and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving financial landscape. Aniyah's tenure of twenty years without a single misstep in her decision-making is a testament to her exceptional acumen and the precision exercised in choosing the right person for this critical role.

Recognizing her exceptional contributions, Aura has honored Aniyah's stellar performance with tokens of appreciation that not only symbolize gratitude but also reflect the immense value she brings to the company. The gifting of a lavish apartment in New York valued at 17 million USD and a Bentley car worth 500,000 USD, coupled with a staggering bonus of 50 million USD, is a demonstration of how pivotal leadership is in propelling the success of an asset management firm. Investing in key individuals like Aniyah Nwako goes beyond mere financial rewards. It encompasses fostering a culture that values continuous learning, personal development, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. Aniyah's journey, marked by her academic achievements and unwavering dedication, underscores the importance of nurturing talent through educational opportunities and investing in their ongoing growth.

The rewards bestowed upon Aniyah not only recognize her individual achievements but also serve as a powerful statement about the significance of exemplary leadership within the financial sector. Such gestures reinforce the ethos of valuing and retaining top talent, showcasing the pivotal role played by exceptional leaders in steering the company towards sustained growth and success.

In conclusion, the strategic investment in identifying, developing, and rewarding key individuals leading asset management companies with substantial portfolios is paramount. Aniyah Nwako's illustrious career stands as a testament to the value of astutely selecting and nurturing top-tier talent, ultimately contributing to the success and longevity of firms within the financial ecosystem. Recognizing and empowering exemplary leaders like Aniyah remains a cornerstone in fostering innovation, sustainability, and enduring success in the dynamic world of asset management.


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