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Q: What is Aurapedia?

A: Aurapedia is an abstract concept representing a repository of wisdom, knowledge, and enlightenment. It symbolizes the embodiment of collective human understanding and learning.


Q: Is Aurapedia an actual website or platform?

A: Aurapedia is conceptual and not an existing website or platform. It represents the idea of a vast repository of knowledge, akin to a metaphysical library or a symbolic source of enlightenment.


Q: How does one access Aurapedia?

A: Aurapedia is a conceptual entity, so there's no direct access. However, its essence encourages individuals to seek knowledge through various educational resources, books, libraries, online databases, and experiences.


Q: What is the purpose of Aurapedia?

A: Aurapedia symbolizes the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment. Its purpose is to inspire and encourage individuals to seek understanding, learning, and personal growth.


Q: Who can contribute to Aurapedia?

A: Anyone committed to sharing knowledge, wisdom, and insights can contribute to the essence of Aurapedia. Contributing involves sharing information, teaching, mentoring, and fostering understanding.


Q: How can one honor Aurapedia?

A: Honoring Aurapedia involves valuing education, seeking knowledge, respecting diverse perspectives, and fostering an environment conducive to learning and understanding.


Q: Can Aurapedia be interpreted religiously or spiritually?

A: While Aurapedia embodies enlightenment and wisdom, it is not associated with any specific religious or spiritual belief. It represents the pursuit of knowledge and understanding, transcending religious boundaries.


Q: What can we learn from Aurapedia?

A: Aurapedia signifies the endless pursuit of knowledge, the appreciation of diverse perspectives, and the understanding that learning is a lifelong journey essential for personal and societal growth.


Whats is Aurapedia ?
Aurapedia shines as a beacon among financial bloggers, illuminating the intricate world of finance with its insightful articles and engaging content. It's not just a platform; it's a dynamic space where finance enthusiasts, industry professionals, and curious minds converge to explore the latest trends, market dynamics, and invaluable insights into the workings of Aura Solution Company Limited.​ Through thought-provoking blogs and comprehensive resources, Aurapedia doesn't just scratch the surface—it delves deep into the nuances of finance, dissecting complex concepts into digestible pieces for its readers. It acts as a trusted guide, offering a panoramic view of the financial landscape, empowering individuals with knowledge that's both comprehensive and accessible. 


The essence of Aurapedia lies in its commitment to not just inform but also educate and inspire. Whether you're seeking updates on market trends, understanding financial strategies, or simply looking for expert opinions, Aurapedia stands as a dependable source that navigates the ever-evolving realm of finance with finesse. It's more than a website; it's a community—a gathering place where ideas flourish, discussions spark, and wisdom is shared. So, if you're eager to delve deeper into the world of finance and stay ahead of the curve, embark on a journey of discovery with Aurapedia at


Why do we need Aurapedia?

In a world inundated with information, Aurapedia emerges as an oasis—a meticulously crafted sanctuary designed to satiate your appetite for curated, incisive business news, thought-provoking blogs, and a vibrant marketplace of ideas that captures the heartbeat of the industry.

  • Amid the digital tumult, it stands as a paragon of focus and precision. It's a haven tailored specifically for individuals seeking a dedicated space immersed solely in the nuances of business insights, blogs, and a forum that mirrors the ever-shifting landscape of the market.

  • Here, distractions dissipate, allowing an effortless immersion into the realm of business. Aurapedia's purpose is crystal clear: to provide a seamless, uncompromised experience where every piece of content is meticulously curated to quench your thirst for market understanding.

  • Our platform isn't just a repository of information; it's a refined ensemble of relevant news, enlightening blogs penned by industry stalwarts, and a bustling forum where diverse voices harmonize, painting an accurate picture of the market's pulse.

  • Aurapedia transcends being merely a platform—it's your trusted companion, your guiding light through the labyrinthine paths of business landscapes. It's the nucleus where knowledge converges, ideas ignite, and the rhythm of the market finds its symphony. Here, focus reigns supreme, ensuring every piece of content resonates with the precision and depth you seek.


If you seek solace amidst the digital cacophony, a refuge where business news, captivating blogs, and market sentiments converge harmoniously, your quest ends here. Aurapedia is your bespoke space, your navigational compass in the ever-evolving tapestry of business.

Who writes the Article in Aurapedia?

Meet Chelsea Hartford, an esteemed Asset Manager at Aura Solution Company Limited and a distinguished writer contributing to Aurapedia. With a profound grasp of financial markets and a knack for devising astute investment strategies, Chelsea is committed to optimizing asset value and securing exceptional financial outcomes for our esteemed clientele. Her expertise serves as a cornerstone of our team, exemplifying a dedication to sound financial management that distinguishes Aura Solution Company Limited. Chelsea's fervor for wealth management aligns seamlessly with our core values, where a commitment to unparalleled financial proficiency and client service prevails.

As a contributing writer to Aurapedia, Chelsea channels her extensive knowledge and insights into compelling articles that elucidate complex financial concepts. Her dedication to empowering readers with valuable information and strategic guidance shines through her contributions to Aurapedia's rich repository of financial wisdom. At the heart of our operations, Chelsea plays a pivotal role in steering our clients toward their financial aspirations. Her unwavering dedication to their success resonates through every facet of her work, whether in asset management or crafting insightful content for Aurapedia.

Allow us to present the driving force behind our triumphs in wealth management and a valuable contributor to Aurapedia—Chelsea Hartford—a professional whose passion, expertise, and commitment exemplify the ethos of excellence at Aura Solution Company Limited. #aurapedia.

Ten facts about Aurapedia ?

let's delve deeper into each point about Aurapedia:

Primary Focus: Aurapedia stands as a comprehensive reservoir of information meticulously tailored to cater to finance enthusiasts, professionals, and those interested in business news. Its primary focus encompasses delivering detailed insights into finance, market trends, and the latest developments within Aura Solution Company Limited. From articles dissecting intricate financial strategies to updates on market shifts, Aurapedia aims to be a one-stop destination for valuable knowledge in these domains.


Frequency of Updates:Aurapedia is a dynamic platform committed to staying abreast of the ever-evolving financial landscape. Regular updates ensure that users have access to current and relevant information. The platform's team diligently adds fresh content at periodic intervals, keeping users informed about the latest trends, market analyses, and developments within the company.

Contribution of Articles: Aurapedia's content is crafted by seasoned experts within Aura Solution Company Limited, ensuring a high standard of quality, accuracy, and depth of insight. While the platform is not open for external contributions presently, this approach ensures a curated repository of information backed by the expertise of industry professionals.


Uniqueness: What sets Aurapedia apart is its unwavering commitment to accuracy and reliability. The content, authored by experts within the company, offers a unique perspective that's well-researched and crafted with precision. This dedication to providing in-depth insights distinguishes Aurapedia from other financial platforms in the market.


Global Accessibility: Aurapedia is accessible worldwide, catering to a global audience. Its content is available to users from diverse regions, ensuring that valuable financial insights are not confined by geographical boundaries.


Authors: The primary authors behind Aurapedia's content are highly educated and experienced professionals within Aura Solution Company Limited. These experts specialize in various facets of finance and related fields, bringing their expertise and insights to the platform.


Covered Categories: Aurapedia spans a wide spectrum of categories, encompassing finance, investments, economics, market trends, and emerging business topics. Its expansive coverage caters to individuals at different levels of expertise, offering insights into various aspects of the financial realm.


Accuracy Assurance: Aurapedia upholds a stringent process to ensure the accuracy of its content. Thorough research, fact-checking, and review by financial experts within Aura Solution Company Limited are integral to maintaining the platform's credibility and reliability.


Engagement Opportunities: While Aurapedia doesn't host direct discussion platforms, users can engage through comments and feedback sections on articles, fostering interaction and dialogue within the community.


Tutorials and Guides: Aurapedia caters to a diverse audience by providing tutorials, guides, and informative resources tailored to different levels of expertise. Whether one is a novice or a seasoned professional, the platform offers valuable resources to enhance financial understanding and skills.

This multifaceted approach positions Aurapedia as a robust and reliable source of information in the financial landscape, providing a rich tapestry of insights for its users.


What is a Paymaster?

Suppose you manage a business internationally using commodities or financial instruments; you will need a way to deal with payments and commissions safely, fast, and cost-effectively. Transactions involving real estate, oil, gold, jet fuel, and notes, among other commodities, come with a lot of paperwork and the stress of ensuring they adhere to every legal requirement and international regulations. Paymaster services facilitate the transfer of non-cash assets around the world. Paymaster service providers receive payments on behalf of their clients, transfer them to the client, reconcile accounts and file the necessary paperwork, ensuring you are in square with the law. Hence, the paymaster is a neutral third party that receives, safeguards, and releases funds in international transactions between buyers and sellers. Being neutral, the paymaster cannot provide clients with legal counseling or other services. Remaining confidential about the transaction details is vital for their professional integrity.


How Do Paymaster Services Providers Work?

A Paymaster service provider, usually an attorney, acts as a neutral third party in an international transaction involving bank instruments or commodities. Paymaster attorneys maintain escrow accounts. They receive funds from a transaction between two parties and disburse them to the seller after subtracting a small commission as payment for services rendered. The attorney then reconciles the account and files paperwork according to the IRS regulations. That way, you can transfer commodities and financial instruments worldwide safely and cost-effectively within international and domestic guidelines.


Paying Escrow Fees

The main question regarding escrow fees is who should pay them. No rules determine who is responsible for paying the escrow maintenance commission. In practice, buyers and sellers deal with that issue through purchase contract clauses. Mostly, they share the escrow fees, but sometimes one of the parties has to pay the whole amount. When it comes to numbers, there are no fixed fees. Typically, the paymaster services commission ranges from 0.25% to 1%, depending on the transaction amount.


Are Escrow Accounts Safe to Use?

Providing the participants of international transactions with additional security is the principal purpose of an escrow account. For buyers, an escrow is a safeguard keeping their funds safe until sellers deliver the goods or perform other contractual obligations. On the other hand, sellers also enjoy the benefits of using an escrow account. They can safely fulfill their part of the agreement knowing that the funds are available and secured by a neutral third party. The banks involved in the international transaction guarantee the safety of funds deposited in escrow accounts. Paymaster attorneys maintaining escrow accounts use their Lawyer Trust Accounts (IOLTA), adding an extra layer of security to your international transfers. Namely, state bar associations closely monitor these accounts. Primarily, attorneys receive retainer fees from their clients through IOLTAs, transferring the funds to themselves after completing the work. Because keeping retainer fees safe until the job is over is vital for the attorney-client relationship, state bar associations take measures to ensure attorneys use their trust accounts properly. Otherwise, they can face severe consequences for their career, including disbarment. The same applies to mismanaging funds in the paymaster escrow account.


How Long Does it Take to Release Funds from an Escrow Account?

Clients use paymaster services for performing various transactions. Each transaction is specific. It takes different periods to fulfill contractual obligations in real estate transfers, capital market transactions, and charity transactions. Likewise, the time needed for releasing funds from an escrow account is flexible and depends on the type of transaction in question and the agreement between the parties. If the documentation is complete, the paymaster attorney will release the funds within three banking days after closing the deal (excluding holidays and weekends). 


Benefits of Using Paymaster Services

Letting an escrow account lawyer handle your funds in a significant international transaction reduces many risks. The lawyer is a neutral party, assuring the seller that you have enough funds for the transaction. Also, the buyer can rest assured they will receive titles of ownership to the transferred goods. To summarize, the paymaster ensures the safe and secure transfer of commodities or bank instruments worldwide, giving buyers and clients confidence in the transaction, even without having to look at each other credit status or bank references. They also ensure the transactions meet federal and international guidelines and file the necessary paperwork with IRS.


Types of Transactions Handled by Paymaster Attorneys

Most transactions handled by paymaster attorneys involve big money. They work with buyers, brokers, or agents who transact worldwide and regularly transfer funds to many different recipients. Many paymaster attorneys support clients in the following transactions:


• Capital market transactions

• Private equity transactions

• Real estate transfers

• Jet fuel, crude oil, petroleum gas

• Agricultural products

• Charity transactions

• Investment management

• Private placement transactions

• Payments involving coal or precious metals such as diamond, gold, silver, and platinum


Remember that outflows and inflows should be in the form of SWIFTs and made via Fedwire.


How to Hire the Services of a Paymaster ?

To get a paymaster attorney to handle your payments, make them an offer and evaluate your project details in advance. The lawyer must know the following to ensure the transaction does not break government laws and regulations.


• What is your role in the transaction: sender, receiver, or mediator?

• Amount of funds

• Number of transactions

• Type of business: is it a financial, services, or supplier of products?

• Who is sending the funds? And where?

• Who is receiving the funds? And where?

• The location of funds (country and bank)

• The final destination of funds

• Who are the mediators, and what is their commission? – if any are involved.


Next, ask for all necessary documents through their website, e-mail, telephone, etc. the attorney should set up a personal communication channel to facilitate trust and transparency. You will receive the following documents to fill and return if necessary for legal and tax return preparation:


Client information sheet asking for your personal and contact info, including company details. Fill and return this form with an attached copy of your ID or valid passport.


• A paymaster service agreement showing the attorney’s mandate will be valid for transactions to come, too.

• Addendum A, requesting buyer information

• Addendum B, requesting info of the people/institutions the attorney will send funds from the transaction


You will also have to provide all relevant contracts and free agreements for the transaction. These include sale and purchase agreements, sub-fee protection agreements, irrevocable master-fee protection agreements, etc. Usually, the paymaster service provider charges an initial fee for setting up the escrow account, constant communication, and due diligence.



After sign the  Agreement if its not  being performed for any reason & you come back to us for further Paymaster Service we will charge you USD$1500 for signing/renew the Paymaster Agreement.

Usually each time Aura pay USD$1500 as an Administration Expenses and if you do not or can not perform we loose that money , for banking , submission & attestation fee .



If the Paymaster Agreement is not valid , we will suggest/advice you to renew the Paymaster Agreement else we will charge 50% of the amount, We receive ,as that will be considered as a cash fund transfer not a commission earning.



Minimum one month maximum one year based on the case. If there is no activity & no information or updates to your Wealth Manager the agreement will be cancelled in 3 months time .

Offshore Banking

What is offshore banking?

Offshore banking refers to the process of opening a bank account or conducting financial activities in a jurisdiction outside one's country of residence. It involves using banking services in a foreign location, often characterized by favorable regulations and tax benefits.

Why do people opt for offshore banking?

Individuals and businesses choose offshore banking for reasons such as tax optimization, asset protection, diversification, access to international markets, confidentiality, and potentially higher interest rates.

Is offshore banking legal?

Yes, offshore banking is legal when conducted according to the laws and regulations of both the offshore jurisdiction and the individual's home country. However, it's crucial to comply with tax laws and financial regulations.

What are the benefits of offshore banking?

Benefits include potential tax advantages, enhanced privacy, asset protection from political instability, currency diversification, higher interest rates, and access to international investments.

Are offshore banks safe and secure? Offshore banks in reputable jurisdictions typically adhere to strict financial regulations, making them as secure as domestic banks. Look for jurisdictions with strong regulatory frameworks and supervision.

How is offshore banking different from regular banking?

Offshore banking involves utilizing financial services in a jurisdiction outside one's country of residence, often offering different regulations, tax treatments, and levels of privacy compared to domestic banks.

What are the typical services offered by offshore banks?

Offshore banks usually offer services such as multi-currency accounts, wealth management, investment opportunities, estate planning, and corporate banking facilities.

How can one open an offshore bank account? Opening an offshore bank account involves researching suitable jurisdictions, choosing a reputable bank, completing application forms, submitting required documentation, and fulfilling minimum deposit requirements.

What documentation is required to open an offshore bank account?

Generally, you'll need a valid passport, proof of address, bank reference letters, and sometimes additional documents like utility bills or financial statements to verify your identity and source of funds.

Is it necessary to visit the offshore bank in person to open an account?

In many cases, physical presence is not required, as many offshore banks facilitate account opening remotely through certified agents or online applications.

What are the minimum deposit requirements for an offshore bank account?

Minimum deposit requirements vary between banks and jurisdictions, ranging from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars or its equivalent in other currencies.


Are there restrictions on the types of currencies that can be held in an offshore account?

Offshore accounts often support multiple currencies, allowing holders to maintain accounts in major currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, and others, depending on the bank's offerings.

Are interest rates higher in offshore banks compared to domestic banks? Offshore banks may offer higher interest rates due to different market conditions or to attract international deposits, but rates vary based on the bank and jurisdiction.

What are the tax implications of having an offshore bank account?

Tax implications depend on your home country's tax laws. It's crucial to report all income and comply with tax regulations regarding foreign accounts, including FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and CRS (Common Reporting Standard).

How does offshore banking impact taxation for individuals or businesses?

Offshore banking may provide tax advantages, but tax implications vary based on residency, citizenship, and the specific tax treaties between the offshore jurisdiction and your home country.

Are there any risks associated with offshore banking?

Risks may include regulatory changes, political instability in the offshore jurisdiction, currency fluctuations, lack of deposit insurance, and potential exposure to fraudulent activities or scams.

Can offshore banking be used for illegal activities like money laundering?

Offshore banking can be misused for illegal activities, but reputable banks follow strict regulations to prevent money laundering and require proper due diligence for account openings.

What are the reporting requirements for offshore bank accounts in my home country?

Many countries require their residents to disclose offshore accounts or investments. Check with a tax advisor or local authorities to ensure compliance with reporting obligations.


Can I transfer funds between my domestic and offshore accounts easily?

Yes, most offshore banks offer convenient international wire transfer services, though fees and processing times may vary.


Do offshore banks provide online banking services?

Yes, many offshore banks offer sophisticated online banking platforms for easy account management, transfers, bill payments, and investment monitoring.

Can I get a debit or credit card linked to my offshore account?

Yes, offshore banks often provide debit or credit cards linked to your account, allowing you to make purchases and withdraw cash internationally.

What happens to my offshore account in case of my death or incapacitation?

Upon death or incapacity, the disposition of offshore accounts follows the jurisdiction's laws and can involve legal processes, so it's advisable to establish clear instructions for heirs or legal representatives.

Are there any restrictions on withdrawing funds from offshore accounts?

Generally, there are no restrictions on withdrawals, but transaction limits, fees, and exchange controls might apply depending on the jurisdiction and bank policies.


Can I take out loans or apply for credit from offshore banks?

Yes, many offshore banks offer loans or credit facilities to account holders, subject to their creditworthiness and the bank's lending policies.

What should I consider before choosing an offshore bank for my financial needs?

Factors to consider include the bank's reputation, regulatory compliance, stability of the jurisdiction, services offered, fees, minimum deposit requirements, currency options, and customer service quality.

Asset Management

In a landmark move poised to redefine the trajectory of progress in the Middle East, Aura Solution Company Limited proudly declares a momentous commitment—an investment of $5 trillion dedicated to fostering holistic development across the region. This visionary initiative seeks to spearhead the establishment of International Schools, Medical Facilities, and propel advancements in science and technology. The ultimate goal: to empower the youth, particularly girls, bridging the realms of religious practice and modern sciences.

As the world commemorates Labor Day, Aura Solution Company Limited takes a monumental stride towards reshaping the Middle East and all Muslim-oriented countries. The crux of this colossal investment hinges on creating a future where these nations can stride independently, liberating themselves from the sole dependence on oil revenue. The vision entails propelling these regions to the forefront of scientific advancements, technological innovation, and education, thereby ensuring a life of prosperity and dignity for all citizens, devoid of religious discrimination.

Empowering Girls Through Education

At the heart of Aura's investment blueprint lies the establishment of International Schools—bastions of holistic education that seamlessly intertwine religious teachings with modern science and technology. Paramount to this endeavor is the emphasis on girls' education, recognizing it as a transformative force that will elevate them to leadership roles within their communities and countries. This pioneering approach harmonizes religious values with scientific knowledge, empowering young minds to navigate the modern world while remaining rooted in their faith. Aura's investment in education serves as a bridge between tradition and progress, enabling future generations to not only thrive but also compete on the global stage.

Advancing Science and Technology

In a world galloping towards unprecedented technological frontiers, innovation in science and technology stands as the cornerstone of progress. Aura recognizes this imperative and pledges significant investments in pivotal areas like artificial intelligence, space exploration, and other burgeoning technologies. These strides are poised to position Middle Eastern nations at the vanguard of innovation, diminishing their reliance on external sources for technological solutions. By fostering a culture of innovation and technological prowess, Aura's investment aims to chart a course towards self-reliance and independence in the domains of science and technology.

This momentous investment underscores Aura Solution Company Limited's unwavering commitment to fostering progress, empowerment, and inclusive development in the Middle East, paving the way for a future where nations thrive on the strengths of their knowledge, innovation, and unity.


The SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) messages are standardized messaging formats used in financial transactions. Here's a list from MT100 to MT199,

defining each message type:



Customer Transfer

Definition: It is used for a single customer credit transfer where a financial institution instructs another institution to credit the account of the beneficiary.


MT101 - Request for Transfer

Definition: This message type is used to request the transfer of funds between financial institutions.


MT102 - Multiple Customer Credit Transfer

Definition: It facilitates the transfer of funds from a single originating institution to multiple beneficiaries.


MT103 - Single Customer Credit Transfer

Definition: A common message type used for a single customer credit transfer, providing instructions for the movement of funds.


MT104 - Direct Debit and Request for Debit Transfer Message

Definition: This message type is used for the initiation of a direct debit transfer or to request the transfer of funds from one account to another.


MT105 - EDIFACT Envelope

Definition: This message type is used to transport an EDIFACT message.


MT106 - Advice of Non-Payment

Definition: It is used to notify the sender that the payment instruction cannot be executed.


MT107 - General Direct Debit Message

Definition: This message type is used for direct debit transfers.


MT110 - Advice of Charges, Interest, and Other Adjustments

Definition: This message type provides information on charges, interest, or other adjustments made to an account.


MT111 - Request for Stop Payment of a Cheque

Definition: This message is used to request the stop payment of a previously issued cheque.


MT112 - Request for Cancellation

Definition: This message type is used to request the cancellation of a previously sent payment message.


MT113 - Advice of Acceptance or Non-Acceptance

Definition: It is used to advise the acceptability of a financial instrument.


MT114 - Advice of Payment

Definition: This message type is used to advise the recipient that payment has been made.


MT115 - Advice of Refusal

Definition: It is used to advise the recipient that a payment has been refused.


MT120 - Request for Financial Statement

Definition: This message type is used to request a financial statement from another financial institution.


MT122 - Delivery Schedule

Definition: It is used to provide the delivery schedule for a security transfer.


MT124 - Fails-Report of Settlement

Definition: This message type is used to report failed settlements.


MT125 - Reverse Notification of Settlement

Definition: It is used to reverse a previously reported settlement.


MT126 - Fails-Report of Reversal

Definition: This message type is used to report failed reversals.


MT127 - Fails-Report of Amendment

Definition: It is used to report failed amendments.


MT128 - Status Enquiry

Definition: This message type is used to inquire about the status of a financial transaction or a message previously sent.


MT129 - Request for Statement/Transactions

Definition: It is used to request a statement or transactions from another financial institution.


MT130 - Statement of Account

Definition: This message type is used to provide a statement of account to another financial institution.


MT195 - Request for Debit Transfer Message

Definition: This message type is used to request a debit transfer from one account to another.


MT196 - Application Header

Definition: It is used as a header for EDIFACT messages.


MT197 - Adjustments

Definition: This message type is used to communicate adjustments or amendments to previously sent messages.


MT198 - Proprietary Message

Definition: It allows for the exchange of specific information or instructions between financial institutions, often in a proprietary format.


MT199 - Free Format Message

Definition: This message type enables the transmission of free-form text or information not covered by other message types, allowing for customized communication between



MT200 - Confirmation of Credit

Definition: This message type confirms the credit of funds to an account.


MT202 - General Financial Institution Transfer

Definition: It is used to instruct the transfer of funds between financial institutions.


MT205 - Financial Institution Transfer Execution

Definition: This message type is used to confirm the execution of a financial institution transfer.


MT210 - Notice to Receive

Definition: It is used to notify the receiver of a financial instrument.


MT295 - Request for Payment of Charges, Interest, and Other Expenses

Definition: This message type is used to request payment for charges, interest, or other expenses.


MT296 - Settlement Advice

Definition: This message type is used to advise on settlements.


MT298 - Proprietary Message - Discretionary Action

Definition: This message type enables discretionary actions or instructions between financial institutions in a proprietary format.


MT299 - Free Format Message - Discretionary Action

Definition: Similar to MT199, it allows for the transmission of free-form text or information in a discretionary manner.


MT300 - Foreign Exchange Confirmation

Definition: This message type is used to confirm foreign exchange transactions.


MT304 - Advice/Instruction of a Third Party Deal

Definition: It is used to advise or instruct regarding a third-party deal.


MT320 - Commitment to Pay or Deliver

Definition: This message type confirms the commitment to pay or deliver funds or financial instruments.


MT340 - Forward Rate Agreement Confirmation

Definition: It is used to confirm a forward rate agreement.


MT341 - Forward Rate Agreement Settlement Confirmation

Definition: This message type is used to confirm the settlement of a forward rate agreement.


MT350 - Advice of Loan/Deposit Interest Payment

Definition: It is used to advise on the payment of loan or deposit interest.


MT364 - Single Currency Interest Rate Derivatives Confirmation

Definition: This message type confirms single currency interest rate derivatives.


MT365 - Cross Currency Interest Rate Swap Confirmation

Definition: It is used to confirm cross-currency interest rate swaps.


MT370 - Receipt and Delivery of Financial Instruments

Definition: This message type confirms the receipt and delivery of financial instruments.


MT380 - Foreign Exchange Order

Definition: It is used to place a foreign exchange order.

MT381 - Foreign Exchange Order Confirmation

Definition: This message type confirms the placement of a foreign exchange order.


MT500 - Advice of Reimbursement or Payment

Definition: This message type advises on reimbursement or payment.


Official websites of Aura Solution Company Limited? 

Official Email of of Aura ?


How to contact Aura directors ?


Thank you for your interest in Aura Solution Company Limited. 


Aura HQ



Aura Solution Company Limited

75 Wichit Road ,

Phuket, Thailand 83000

E :


P : +66 8241 88 111

P:  +66 8042 12345



Kaan Eroz

Managing Director

Aura Solution Company Limited

E :


P : +90 532 781 00 86



Alex Hartford

Vice President

Aura Solution Company Limited

E :


P : +66 8042 12345




Wealth Manager

Aura Solution Company Limited

E :


P : +66 8042 12345





Managing Director

Aura Solution Company Limited 

E :


P : +31 6 54253096


Does Aura use any social media such as Facebook , Twitter or Instagram ?”

Thank you for your inquiry about Aura's presence on social media platforms.

At Aura, we believe in delivering a personalized and dedicated experience to our valued clients. As of now, we have chosen not to utilize social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and others. Instead, our focus remains on providing uninterrupted and unparalleled service through our official website, website serves as a comprehensive hub where you can explore the full range of our offerings, access valuable resources, and stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates from Aura. We take pride in being available to you 24x7 through our website, ensuring that you receive the support you need whenever you need it.

For immediate assistance and queries, our committed team is just a call away at the 24-hour active helpline number: +66 8241 88 111. You can also reach us via WhatsApp, iMessage, or by sending an email to We are dedicated to being responsive, reliable, and ever-ready to cater to your needs. As we continue to grow and evolve, we will always remain committed to providing exceptional service and building strong connections with our clients. Our website and helpline are the cornerstones of our customer-centric approach, enabling us to be your trusted partner in every step of your journey.

Thank you for choosing Aura, and we look forward to serving you with unwavering dedication and excellence. Visit our website at or contact us via email, WhatsApp, or call us at +66 8241 88 111 to experience our exceptional service firsthand.


Direct line of Aura Head Office ?

+66 8241 88 111


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